The Danger

E-cigarettes are devices that are battery powered, frequently shaped like the usual cigarettes, having a heating component that evaporates a watery nicotine solution that must be replaced each few hundred breaths. Nicotine is gulped inside the lungs and a largely water vapor that is odorless goes out of the gadget. Vaping is the term used in puffing e-cigarette. Yet the duplicity of the industry is very apparent to medical professionals. E-cigarettes are advertised to smokers as an option to discourage them off from tobacco (even though studies indicated that they do not help much). But still they sell e-cigarettes with tastes to attract young people who do not smoke, which may get them addicted.

Yes, e-cigarettes are addictive, since they have nicotine. Cancer and respiratory sickness experts observe similar trick being available today regarding e-cigarette like it was made in 1940’s with cigarettes, when the U.S. began smoking. They are distributed often free of charge and pitched by personalities and even physicians as calm, safe and liberating.

E-cigarette is not considered a patch

One must not think that vaping is safe as compared to smoking true cigarettes. Experts declare that they are perhaps safer; however, safer does not mean safe. “Cigarettes have danger profile” according to Dr. Frank Leone, a medical expert on pulmonary diseases from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia. He stated also that, for beginners, “E-cigarettes could be much better as compared to such profile. However, it does not indicate that they do not have their respective risk profile.”

“The most important concern is the delivery rate of the nicotine”, Dr. Leone said.  With gum and nicotine patches, the delivery rate is controlled, will a little quantities of nicotine slowly released in the bloodstream. On the other hand, with the usual cigarettes and at present, the e-cigarettes, warmth builds a freebase formulation of nicotine believed to be greatly addictive or more satisfying as what smokers call them. The nicotine directly enters the lungs, wherein it is channeled quickly in the heart and ultimately bumped in the brain.

The human body craves for nicotine once it is addicted. Although nicotine is not considered the most harmful toxin present in the arsenal of tobacco, yet this element is cancer –promoting substance, and is a cause of birth deformities and disorders in fetal development.

As proven by a study that was published last 2006 in Obstetrics and Gynecology journal, it was found out that pregnant women who masticated nicotine gum had a greater danger of birth deficiencies compared to those who non-smokers.

Negative health effects

The great unknown of potential adverse health effects, alongside with inadequate guidelines on e-cigarette, scares medical experts like Dr. Leone.  The products appeared bereft of important health warnings.

As for the benefits in quitting smoking, e-cigarette does not appear to be extremely helpful. A study that was circulated last month in journal known as Addictive Behaviors, it was found out that majority of smokers using e-cigarettes while they are trying to stop either became more addicted on vaping, or returned back in smoking cigarettes. A study also published in November 16 in The Lancet journal, did not found any statistically major difference in the benefits of e-cigarette as compared to nicotine patch with regards to the merits of helping people to quit smoking.

Dr. Leone stated that e-cigarette may not help people stop smoking since the device maintains addicts in ambivalent state. The illusion of making something optimistic to alleviate the remorse that originates from smoking, but at the same time, keeping the habit of smoking.

The editors of the journal The Lancet called the campaign of e-cigarettes “a moral quandary” due to this possibility to change injurious cigarettes with something that is a little less dangerous yet only as addictive. Some other researchers had agreed that e-cigarette may help some persons to stop; however, at a populace level, transforming millions of cigarette smokers into vaping still hooked to nicotine may not lead to greener, cleaner and healthier world inferred by manufacturers of –cigarette.

Finally, it is really necessary to regulate the manufacture and sale of e-cigarette. The Food and Drug Administration plans to recommend a regulation in the production of tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act to have more authority in regulating products like e-cigarettes.